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Wichhada Watan - Memories of Mianwali - my parted homeland

By Harish Chander Nakra

"Wichhada Watan is all about life in Mianwali in Pre-Partition India: graphically presented and feelingly evoked , with superb touches  of incidental humour and pathos. People who would rather know about life  as it was and people  as they were -rather about  dates, battles and politics of the times - will find Wichhada Watan and extremely absorbing piece of work" - H.C Nakra more...

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This is your website, please contribute towards its content development site by sending, historical photographs , pre -1947 true stories / experiences and whatever you think should go on this site. Migrants to India can be a good source of pre - partition stories . The only condition is that the senders must use their true names and email addresses (and if possible street addresses). Information can be sent to the webmaster.

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Mianwali Online has  specially developed a software where people belonging to Mianwali would enter their details thus forming a directory of Mianwalians. Once the directory's size becomes reasonably large it will help Mianwalians to locate their old friends from Mianwali now living anywhere in the world.  


Mianwalians are present in almost every city of Pakistan . They can get assistance from their district fellows in Pakistan in finding a job, expanding their businesses, finding a doctor, selecting a university and so on. But for that to happen they all must know each other.


So the first step is to enter information about yourself and others you know in the Mianwali Directory HERE 


Soon there will be the facility " Looking For...." where the visitors will leave details of Mianwalians they are looking for and others knowing about them will be providing the details. Please send your suggestions to 

Note for  Females : If females are joining the forum or chat, they  can use pseudo names e.g "speaker"," mickey mouse" etc.etc. The email addresses of course need to be genuine ones, for receiving emails  (hope real names are not being used as part of email addresses)


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Abdul Malik Khan Niazi Passes Away

Abdul Malik Khan Niazi son of Hakeem Abdul Rehman Khan passed away on Sunday, 23rd March, 2014 after a brief illness. He was 80. Abdul Malik Khan was an experienced agriculturist and passed most of his farming life on his farms at Karor, Layyah. He was  an avid photographer, videographer and a renowned hunter from Mianwali. Momoirs of Abdul Malik Khan Niazi were released on DVD recently, where he nicely narrated events of  the early 20th century Mianwali as witnessed by him. Mianwali Online is grieved over the loss of a  valuable elder from Mianwali with a peculiar sense of humour.


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Perhaps the most detailed document on the geography, history and  culture of Mianwali, available today

 Gazetter of Mianwali District 1915

Sang-e-Meel Publications Lahore

Available at Mr.Books and Saeed Book Bank Islamabad 

Price Rs.150 /-


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Kalabagh Steel Mill Project Eventually Sees Hope

90,000 Jobs in Sight

Say Yes to Kalabagh Steel Mill 

Note:Mianwali Online is displaying  the article by

Engr. M.Akram Niazi since November 2003

ISLAMABAD, Jan 12: A Chinese entrepreneur has shown serious interest to set up a steel mill at Kalabagh utilising the potential of locally-available iron ore deposits at Makarwal and Chichali.

A delegation of ‘Amlong?Enterprise currently visiting Pakistan were holding meetings with government officials to do the spadework for the steel mill project, which is aimed at producing one million tons of steel annually.

Following detailed meeting with officials of the Ministry of Industries and Production, the Chinese investors were given a detailed presentation at the Engineering Development Board on Wednesday on the iron ore deposits at Makarwal and Chichali and availability of other raw materials in close vicinity of the proposed project.

The Chinese officials also visited the site of the project at Kalabagh and expressed satisfaction on the iron ore deposits, the infrastructure and the proposed site for the establishment of steel mill.S.H. Farooqi, a leading geologist briefed the delegation about the iron ore deposits in the area and the prospects of establishing a steel mill based on local iron ore.The delegation was also provided all the information including maps, composition of the ores, quantum of deposits and reports prepared in the past.The Kalabagh iron-ore deposit is the largest iron-ore deposit in Pakistan located near Kalabagh where the proven reserves have been estimated to be around 350 million tons.In addition, the iron ore deposits in Makarwal range spreading over 83km long belt up to Pezu in district Bannu are estimated to be around 600 million tons. Iron content varies between 32 to 38.6 per cent. Presently, Pakistan Steel Mills (PSM) is the only integrated mill in the country with a capacity of 1.1 million tons per annum, which is based on 100 per cent imported ore and coke.


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Lance Naik Sher Shah   

The WW II Victoria Cross Medal Group

Born on 14 February 1917 in Chakrala, Mianwali

In Burma, on the night of 19th / 20th January 1945, Lance Naik Sher Shah commanded the left forward section of his platoon. At 19:30 hours a Japanese platoon attacked his post.  more.....

Roll of Honour World War II

Sai Wan War Cemetery

ALLAH YAR, Gunner, 3361. 2 Mountain Bty., 1 Hong Kong Regt. Hong Kong and Singapore Royal Artillery. 16th October 1942. Age 19. Son of Haji Khan and Sat Bahari, of Dhurnaka, Mianwali, Pakistan. XI.G.8.More at:

Steel Mill for Mianwali

                               Kalabagh Mini Steel Mill 


PIDC selected a site (Kalabagh) with about 80% raw material available within 11 miles . The steel mill based on the Kalabagh iron ore that was to be set up  at Kalabagh in 1956 but was taken to Karachi where it is now making steel not from Pakistani ore but from imported ore( ore contains 66% waste and 33% iron) . In protest the illustrious Chairman of PIDC, Mr. Ghulam Farooq, resigned.

 In 1956, M/S Krupp of Germany offered to set up a steel mill based on Kalabagh iron ore, coal and most other minerals available within about 11 miles. In June 1966, another German company M/S Salzgitter produced in Germany 5,000 tonnes of quality steel from 15,000 tonnes of Kalabagh iron ore in the presence of some international experts, and sold it to Volkswagon. Some European banks offered loans for this project, which confirms technical and financial viability of the project. Engr. M.Akram Niazi has a lot more to say. 


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