I AM AN OLD MIANWALIAN                

By  Sardar Daler Singh         

Contributed by Dr.R.P Aurora (India)

My name is Sardar Daler Singh .My ancestral village was Sadhwala; Post Office Mankera, Tehseel Bhakhar, District Mianwali [now district Bhakhar] I spent my   childhood in Sadhwala. My father Sardar Sunder Singh did business of sale/purchase of camels. They purchased camels from Rajasthan and sold them there, since at that time transport was wholly on animals .One of our janjh [baraat, marriage party] went on camels. We enjoyed out in fields full of watermelons [mateere] etc.; sand mounds [tibbas], which became colder in the in the evening, we played games there. Whenever I bathed on parapet of village well, folks from the village gathered there to watch, as I looked handsome at that time, people say so, I became sick due to their nazar they say. In 1947 in the month of Vaisakhi we heard news of partition; meetings started, we were told to shift some of our valuables to nearby houses across the border. Some were against it, as they believed that these were political scuffles will be solved and we will be back soon, but news of partition got spread like wildfire. Hooligans attacked us once. Meeting was held and it was decided to arm ourselves .Few persons went to Pathankot to buy arms. The rifles at that time costed@ Rs 200/rifle. A drumbeater was put on chubara [2nd floor], at first beat we had to get ready and on second beat to fire. In one attack for which we were prepared, injured many. Itís to mention that no body from our village got killed during partition. Source of news was nothing, some announcements were made by zaildars, and finally we got definite news about partition. The then minister Baldev Singh sent some military men who told us that they had come to take us to India .We held a meeting. Next day we started loading ourselves on military trucks, ready with the arms for the transit. We came to know about killing of daughters to avoid rapes; some buried gold / jewelery thinking to dig it out after coming back. We proceeded towards Hyderabad Thal, arrangements there were not enough to meet our needs, roti sabzi was arranged from nearby gurdwara.The jaildar was Muhammad Hayat. He was not a good person. We lived in Hyderabad camp for one week. Muhammad Hayat was clever and told us i.e. Sadhwala people to disarm and asked to leave first. Then asked us to leave every thing there. But we requested him to take out some utensils for watering children. He agreed. Then orders came about our exit to new camp at 18 Hazari ,arrangements there were good, the vegetable oil was sold at @ Rs 4/kg. jaildar was good person. He provided us utensils of previous hizritis who were from Vasu; we lived at 18 Hazari for a month and shifted to Yhang Maghiana from where we were boarded train enroute to INDIA.


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