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Author:  Shahid Hayat
E-mail:  shahidhelpinghand@yahoo.com
Date:  8/25/2007 9:20:02 AM
Subject:  Education
Message:  Dear Brothers and Sisters
Assalamu Alaikum

I am originally from Doaba, Tehsil Piplan, Mianwali. My father moved to Sind in 50's. Since 1988 I am living in USA and visit Doaba every year and feel bad to see the situation of our area, specially in Education. This year with the help of some brothers we have registered one Organization" Al Hikma Foundation for Education and Health" and start construction one School for Boys and Girls inshaallah. We are going to start from Prep, Nursary and will move to the future. We have plan to build more school in the area inshaallah. Please email me for your support and suggestions.

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