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Author:  Usman
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Date:  2/10/2008 10:27:01 PM
Subject:  Can Imran Khan build Mianwali
Message:  Millions of people in Pakistan are very optimistic about Imran Khan.My question is "Can Imran Khan develop Mianwali?" Can he bring industry, businesses to Mianwali so that the poverty is addressed.He is out of politics for the next five years so we will have cycle group arrow or tiger groups as before.These groups live in Lahore and have no idea what are the priorities of development.Making a stadium on the property of a school that could one day become a university with a 100 year history is what they can do.Mianwlai needs a good severage and clean drinking water, small playgrounds in different areas , not new stadiums where few can play all the year round.Mianwali needs poverty removal, improving the DHQ hospital while they give us stadium, probably because it is a visible thing to claim cheap popularity.

My be Imran is the same stuff as he lives in Islamabad.Your comments are welcome.

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 Can Imran Khan build Mianwali by Usman at 2/10/2008 10:27:01 PM
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