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Author:  ZakaUllah
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Date:  4/28/2008 7:19:43 AM
Dr Sher Afghan was charged by some unknown people including some lawyer’s community in Lahore. Its blame was given to Nawaz Leage including local rivals Mr. In mullah Khan. There was big conspiracy in this shameful act. Before knowing the hidden hand behind this drama it is necessary to discuss the present local and national political character of Mr. Sheer Afghan.

Dr Sheer Afghan starts his political carrier from the stage of Awami Mahan against Nawab of Kalabagh and Rookery group. His mindset was totally democratic and was against establishment of our country. He wins his last election on the plate form of PPP and by floor crossing he joint Patriot and start his new political journey with Musharaf allies where he has to join hand the chaudhry of Gujrat. I would like inform here that Dr SB was insulted by these chaudhries in National Assembly in last BB tenure.   

In Mianwali Dr Sher Afghan is major rival of Rokhery group who are close relative of Gujrat. But at same time at Federal level politics he is close allies of Musharaf and Chaudhries of Gujrat. In present general election Dr Sb blame that Rokhery group in association with local police administration and with instruction of Chaudhries are trying their level best to defeat him. The main reason for Dr Sb defeat in general election is sporting of Musharaf. He defines constitution according to the will of Musharaf on every forum. He present Mushraf as constitutional president and COAS and all his act including PCO are constitutional. I along with some other people’s are of considered view that In this act Dr Sb was indirectly supporting Rokhery and Chaudhries, who will ever use Dr Sher Afghan for their own interest.

People’s all our the country hate Musharaf. In Opening ceremony of Namal College, majority of people were from Dr Sb constituency, they were chanting slogan against Musharaf. I think Amjad Khan was present there. Amjad Khan has done lot of work for Mianwali City. But they lose the election only due to their sport of undemocratic forces. Dr Sher Afghan and his close allies must realize that who was behind this drama and who had scored by using Sher Afghan. I need comments of other people on this issue.

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 DR SHER AFGHAN POLITICS by ZakaUllah at 4/28/2008 7:19:43 AM
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