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Author:  Zahid Ayub
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Date:  6/8/2008 9:54:08 AM
Subject:  Re: Kalabagh Dam
Message:  Yes. It should be built at any cost and without any further delay. Other provinces are against just because it is being built in Punjab province. Once I was working at a Construction project in Baluchistan, I asked a Bloch guy “why you people are so against whereas KBD has no negative affects for Baluchistan people”. His answer surprised me when he said” we do not know any thing about KBD but is going to be built in Punjab that is why we are against this Dam”

Mianwali key Logo. Awake up now and fight for your basic rights. It is too much. We have to think for the benefits of our land if they are going against us unnecessarily. We have to reply in the same way as they think. Do you know what they call you?

They call you “Dhaggas”

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