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Author:  Usman Ashraf
E-mail:  usman-777@hotmail.com
Date:  7/12/2008 1:32:48 PM
Message:  Asalam Alaikum,

It is with regret to say that when somebody from Mianwali prospers and becomes rich he does not turn back and give a glance to what gave him his glory to begin with! There are many military servicemen, businessmen and other such rich people who have become what they are because of Mianwali, but unfortunately they have not helped Mianwali in return. These people are living comfortable lives in Islamabad and DHA Lahore. They are from Mianwali but have turned a deaf ear towards the problems of their hometown. If Mianwali is to prosper then it is necessary that such an attitude be eliminated. "KISSI AUR NE MIANWALI KO THEEK NAHI KARNA! AGAR MIANWALI KO KOI THEEK KAR SAKTA HAI TO SIRF MIANWALI KE HEE LAUG HEIN! KHUDA KE LIYE EK MANFI SAUCH (POSITIVE THINKING) APNAYE AUR APNE SHEHR KI MADAD KEEJIEY!

With Regards
Usman Ashraf
Mohalla Miana.

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