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Author:  Usman Ashraf
E-mail:  usman-777@hotmail.com
Date:  7/12/2008 2:22:29 PM
Message:  Dear Brothers and sisters

Asalaam Alaikum,

I feel ashamed of the fact that certain people express their anger by "chowk mein gaali dena". Dr Sher Afghan has not been a good politician, but this does not mean that we should over-react by acting irrational and agressive. This is why people from other localities laugh at our nature. Even Dr. Sher Afghan made this mistake when he passed statements on CAPITAL TALK. We must learn to keep our calm and express our issues in a constructive manner so that others may understand rather than laugh at us. Please learn to criticise in a constructive manner rather than an abusive manner!

With Regards
Usman Ashraf
Mohalla Miana.

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