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Author:  Sham Sunder (Nakra)- Azad
E-mail:  rubcent@mtnl.net.in
Date:  3/26/2009 12:06:10 AM
Subject:  Our roots in Mianwali
Message:  Our maternal grand father- late Khaushal Chand Malik-used to live at Malik street with brothers-
Our paternal grand father-late Thakur Dass Nakra used to live at Piplan village with brothres/sisters-Nona Punje granhai,Kalur Kothla -
We under stand some senior Nakra migrated to Mianwali-1870s & were soon established as one one of the respectable citizens-
( Perhaps this could establish relations amongst Maliks& Nakras--our father was the groom to a family -bride of Malik family-around 1920s-

We are evolving the family tree-Nakras & could achieve upto 1870s- your support may help further-
Sham Sunder Azad-the later has been my pen name-used to write urdu stories-lately associated with some urdu shariyee adab sites

Hopefully you will be kind to explore-we too look forwards to offer any service-

With respectful regards

Sham Sunder ( Nakra)-Azad

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