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Author:  Dost M Khan
E-mail:  d-mk53@hotmail.com
Date:  3/28/2009 8:24:06 AM
Subject:  I wish.....?
Message:  I wish Mianwalian to be tolerant, patient,polite and humble to one another.There is a solution to every dispute and misunderstanding.We can resolve our problems through our traditional Akhat/Jirga.You know this has worked fruitfully in many instances.It is always better to think with cool mind now,rather than repent later on with lot of miseries/sufferings
.....and accept an unpleasant resolve in the end.But as evident,it is not the real "end",as little bit sores prevail in the generations to come.We should handover Mianwali to our generation a prosperous,developed,happy and proud one.
Moreover it is advised not to discuss our people especially political workers in bad words.It does not bear any meaning to any one but definitely unmask the writer.I appeal to all to avoid such remarks.If you any greivances against anyone,be bold to contact him in person.It is public site.Encourage it through optimistic and rich contributions.Allah may bless all(a'meen).

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