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Author:  Azhar-ul-Hassan
E-mail:  mianwalitehreek@gmail.com
Date:  4/8/2009 3:28:24 AM
Subject:  Mianwali in present scenario
Message:  Salam to all Mianwalians

1.    03 successful attacks were made by the militants on the administration of Mianwali District and hoping that in near future they will target to the citizens of Mianwali district like Chakwal.

2.    Kalabagh Dam project is closed permanently by the Government, no compensation package announced by the Government for the affectee district Mianwali against Kalabagh Dam project break off.

3.    The Government including the political leadership of District Mianwali continuously ignoring residual District Mianwali, until Kalabagh Bridge is closed for the usage of any one though it is repairable and its want repairing on most urgent basis.

    i.     In the light of above circumstances;
           a.     What can do the peoples of Mianwali District?
           b.     What can do the Government ?
           c.     What are the steps who can take us ?

Please comments and forward these question to your fiends for their comments and suggestions as soon as possible.


Chief Coordinator
Tehreek baray Hasool-e-Haqooq, Mianwali

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