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Author:  Dr. N.H.Malik MD
E-mail:  rightway44@hotmail.com
Date:  5/22/2009 12:09:25 PM
Subject:  Major-Issues
Message:  Let us think,analyze and solve the common problems ,that Mianwalians are experiencing every day.
These are Poverty,Health,Education and Justice.
1-Poverty=We can manage to decrease poverty by doing small buissiness,shops,private jobs,more agricultural cultivations,fish farms,vegetable and fruit farms. and investment.Chashma Plant may produce more jobs in future.
2-Health=We can improve health by health education at local level.Health education may be initiated by media like local newspaper,Radio Mianwali,by friday speeches in masajids and local gathering. Mianwali DHQ -Hospital and DHO office may be asked to supply literature.
3-Education= Peer to peer teaching at homes and gathring is a basic costless way of teaching each and every one.The trends og Tuitions must be stopped now and should promote goverment schools to perform education like old time.
4- Justice= Mianwalian must ask Punjab goverment to increase number of court ,judges and supply of cheaper lawers.Most of dispute decision should be done by setting local committees lik Jirga.

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