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Author:  Syed Zahid Abbas
E-mail:  shahjee1102001@yahoo.com
Date:  11/17/2009 4:32:08 AM
Subject:  TV Channel in Mianwali
Message:  Slam Dear Mianwalians.
I m Syed Zahid Abbas Managing Director of Al_Noor TV Pakki Shah Mardan Distt. Mianwali. Al-Noor TV is working for Culture of Mianwali, Local Community, Good Manners of Islam, HeALTH, Edcation and manymore isuue.
In start our programs cover 80,000peoples of Pakki Shah Mardan, Mari City, Mari Indus & Gullan Khell. But now we want to expnd it in Distt. Mianwali and after this all over the world like Sattelite Tv. Because Al Noor TV is working Under Imam Khomeini Trust who working for Needy & Poor People in many ways of life.
We are request to all Mianwalians plz help us to expand the Channel Programs.
Syed Zahid Abbas
Contact No: 0331-7229155
Mail        shahjee1102001@yahoo.com
Postal Adress: Al Noor TV, City & P/O Pakki Shah Mardan, Mianwali
We Wait

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