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Author:  Dr Mahmood Niazi Keele University UK
E-mail:  mkniazi@cs.keele.ac.uk
Date:  3/1/2010 9:42:08 AM
Subject:  Mianwali University of Science and Technology
Message:  Mianwali district is behind in many ways but I think the most important one is higher education. We do not have any University and our students either have to go to Multan or Lahore etc for higher education. If the NWFP govt can establish a University in Bannu (Bannu University of Science and Technology) or even in Malakand (Malakand University) then why not pubjab govt can establish a university in Mianwali. I think all of our leaders and politicians do not have this vision for Mianwali and they put all their efforts on how to win next election. I think we should start this compain to persuade our leaders and pubjab govt to start initiative with the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan to establish a University of Science and Techology Mianwali. I will appreciate your comments.

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