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Author:  Saeed Sumbal
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Date:  4/2/2010 1:57:47 AM
Subject:  Sacrifices by Mianwali
Message:  Dr Kalim has opened our eyes.Chashma hydel produces 320 MW and Mianwali needs only 20 MW and even that is not being provided. So many people lost their excellent land and got waste land in exchange and many did not get even that.And what about Chashma nuclear's production.Mianwali is only there to give Qurbani and not share the benefits.Our used secondhand politicians of Mianwali are all responsible for that.Even Imran Khan is doing a criminal act by not fighting for the cause.He is on media every evening repeating same old stories, not for the practical problems of Mianwali.He does not think anything less than a Prime Minister while he does not have enough honest people to make his own small cabinet.I wish he raises our concerns in the media.

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