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Author:  S.Niazi
E-mail:  turquoise789@hotmail.com
Date:  4/13/2010 12:16:54 AM
Subject:  Hamid Mir on 1971 Soldiers
Message:  I have read on the internet mr,Hamid Mir,s remarks, that children of army officers(of 71 war) do not own their fathers.Totally wrong and baseless allegation.On the contrary they adore their fathers,and are proud of them.Reason being that they were fighting for the integrity of the country,against all odds with no support from any where.On the top of it army in West Pakistan did not make any serious efforts to release pressure from the Eastern front, as decided since the birth of Pakistan,that defence of East Pakistan was to be ensured from West Pakistan.The task given to Eastern garrison was to fight against insurgency and establish law and order ,wich they achieved very successfully.By the end of Aug 71,peace had been restored and govt machinery started functioning,as a result Hilal-e-Jurat was given to TIGER NIAZI for heroic efforts.In fact two Hilal-e-Jurat, ten Sitara-e-Jurat, twelve Tamga-e-Jurat, and more mentioned in despatches had been recommended and awarded before 3rd of Dec 71. Mr Hamid please,mind your language.Niazi was a TIGER since World WAR TWO,and will always be one. He was the most highly decorated officer of Pak army, but alas was made a scapegoat by a power hungry person.( lakin Khuda ki lathi beawaz hoti hai)Inshallah a day will come,when some honest, God fearing historian will dig the truth and bring out NIAZI,s honest brave and towering personality from the debris of selfishness,lies and intrigues.Ameen-sum-Ameen.(Os ke ghar main der hai andher nahi).

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