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Author:  Zahid
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Date:  5/11/2010 12:12:14 AM
Subject:  Re: Divide Punjab
Message:  We can not be made Punjabis and the new option of joining with Jhelum , Mansehra, Pindi is reasonable.They don't call themselves Punjabis either.

Now your Pathan question.By the way what is the percentage of Pathans in Mianwali ? They are a minority, do you know that? check government reports.There are Arains, Muhajirs, Jats, Maliks, Awans, Rajputs and the list is long.If you are Pukhtoons ask some elder if your Dada jee spoke Pushto.Kawa Chala Hans ki Chaal Aur Apni bhi bhool Gya

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