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Author:  A.Niazi
E-mail:  turquoise789@hotmail.com
Date:  5/19/2010 12:45:55 PM
Subject:  Hamid Mir - East Pakistan
Message:      Mr Hamid Mir and some of his colleagues suggest that Pakistan should apologise from the people of Bangla Desh for the atrocities commited by West Pakistani
troops in 1971. Factual position is that Bangalis of East Bangal Regt located at Comilla, Chittagong and Jessore revolted, killed their (West Pakistani ) comrades serving with them, dishonoured their women and butchered them. Pakistan should not be only blamed and asked to apologise .Bangla Deshis are equally responsible rather more, and they should also apologise.,but i think at this stage it is no use to get involved in blame game. Let us forget the bitter past,and move forward. Bangla Deshis have been part of Pakistani nation,there fore it should be our duty to improve relations with them. If at all an apology is due ( from the people of West and previous East Pakistan both)it is by the person and his party, who refused to allow major winning party to govern the country. Refused to participate in the National Assembly session, tore Polish resolution in UNO.This resulted in bifurcation of the country,and the main beneficiary of this was Bhutto and his party.

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 Hamid Mir - East Pakistan by A.Niazi  at 5/19/2010 12:45:55 PM