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Author:  Nasir Khan
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Date:  6/15/2010 3:26:54 AM
Subject:  Re: Divide Punjab
Message:  You Pashtoons have shown the hidden prejudice you had in your hearts.You have no right over any non Pushto area.Mianwali has never been part of NWFP, it was part of Bannu when Bannu was not part of NWFP note it.Mianwali Pathans are big hearted people and do not look down on people of other languages like you Pushtoons.You want Hazaras and Siraikis to feel like a kammi in Pukhtoonistan? shame, shame, shame. You want Pukhtoonistan with Afghanistan and want to take Hazaras along ? Hazaras are patriotic Pakistanis they are not people with Tasub.Stay within your limits of Pushto, you have got it now try to be happy and let others live happily too.

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