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Author:  abdul khaliq
E-mail:  akhaliqmalik@hotmail.com
Date:  7/9/2010 11:19:05 AM
Subject:  to know about saif u allah niyazi
Message:  assalam alaikum .its long time in 1976 i was in mianwali up to 1981 and i have very sweet memories about mianwali. one of my friend saifuallah niazi. if live may long live if died allah give him peace in janah with rest and peace.he was runing one returent(hotal) and music center. daily his name would be on top list of indian radio tameel irshad.me and my friend from air force daily taking tea there and very good gupshup and joking.now today for away from pakistan when i think about him and may life in mianwali then i feel i am eating halwa ,makhaddy halwa.also nadeem draftsman in pakistan airforce he may be in canada now.i played one drama in paf school very nice teachers and children may be now big boys and girls.duaa for all those was in that drama allah bless them.drama played in 1981 or 82

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 to know about saif u allah  niyazi  by abdul khaliq  at 7/9/2010 11:19:05 AM