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Author:  Shahid Khan
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Date:  9/25/2010 2:10:14 PM
Subject:  Re: Divide Punjab
Message:  Assalamoalaikum,I know that there are some movements also like some people from the Saraiki belt want Saraikistan but I don't know what are the benefits common people will get.Its only a game of our beloved politicians to get more funds and fill their own pockets.Because now also they are eating too much but then they will feel free to eat this remaining country.I have only one question,If any body can reply me,Mr.Geelaani the Prime Minister of Pakistan where does he belong to and Who is Mr.Shah Mahmmood Qureshi and who is Mr.Makhdoom Ammeen Faheem,Who is Mr.Laghari and where does he belong to(Ex-president of Pakistan) and Who is Mr.Asif Ali Zardari the President Of Pakistan?If all these types of People while inGovernment cannot do anything for their areas then what is the use of dividing the provinces.To me it is only to increase chances of Eating more.

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