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Author:  Atta Talokar
E-mail:  mapra_talokar_07@yahoo.com
Date:  7/4/2011 8:53:11 AM
Subject:  Kia Mulk aour Qoum key liey apni Jaddi Pushti Jaed
Message:  Kia Mulk aour Qoum key liey apni Jaddi Pushti Jaedaadein (Zameenein) denein walay Dehshat Gard hein?
Aaj Jo Kuchh Mianwali mein Hooa yeh lumha e fikriya hay tammam siasatdanoon key liey, tammam danishwaroon key liey anur tammam pakistanioon key liey, keun keh ulti gunga beh rahi hey , jin logon key jaedaadein (zameenein) Chshma barrage, Chshma hydropower plant aour Pakistan Atomic energy key taht chalnein waley tammam projects key liey bhi zameenein enhi logon nein dee hein, jin ko aaj DPO Mianwali dehshat Gerdoon k sathi keh raha thaa, Barey sharm ki baat hey, Qurbanian deney walay Mohabbey wattan hotey hein , Dehshat gard hergiz nahi.......?.........?...........?
C-II PAEC project Inauguration Prime Minister of Pakistan come to Mianwali and Inaugurate C-II PAEC Power Plant but did not announced a single piney ( paisa) for development affected areas or Mianwali district. But play a joke to Mianwalians peoples which is very shameful our MNA'S , MPA'S and also for all , Because Prime Minister order to shift running University Project from PAEC DING KHOLA, KUNDIAN to Multan . Can peoples thinks about theirs .......? If think that then what can do...............? Because It is our right to gain benefits from all PAEC and WAPDA projects which are installed or in progress at our areas, But where are our politicians and other peoples who can struggle for that ....?             
What a logic that prime Minister come to Mianwali for inauguration of C-II ( Chashma 2) nuclear power plant which started in Muslim League Q government and say many words for PPPP , But very shame for Mammalian Peoples , Because Prime Minister did not announced any package for Affected Peoples
(Mutaasreen)DING KHOLA,KHANQAH SIRRAJIA,ALLUWALI, KUNDIAN. It is very alarming that Prime Minister order to related Government Officials shift university Project from PAEC Kundian to Multan. What a thinking of our so called nationals leaders and also for our running (current) MNA's and MPA's , Where they are......think for that...?
Prime Minister of Pakistan inaugurates (opening ceremony) C-II nuclear power plant at DING KHOLA, KHANQAH SIRRAJIA, Kundian Mianwali (Capacity 350 Mega watts), and C-I also in progress with same generation (350 Mega Watts) capacity). But question is that, Prime Minister of Pakistan did not announced a little penny (paisa) for developments to that affected areas or peoples who are sacrifices their lands, homes so many time for all Mega projects ( Chashma barrage, Chashma Jhelum Link Canal, Right bank canal, Chashma Hydro Power plant (350 Mega Watts’) capacity and Pakistan Atomic Energy Commissions all Plants). But those areas peoples did not have gotten any facility. Another side in all over country when prime Minister of Pakistan and president Of Pakistan inaugurates any plant, They announces Billion rupees to that areas, as like Gawadar (35 billion developments funds for that areas), Neelam Jhelum projects (45 billion developments funds) and also Billion rupees for Ghazi Brootha and Bhasha dam, But why not for our areas, our peoples….Why….Why…..? Who will answer?    ………… Who will answer?

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 Kia Mulk aour Qoum key liey apni Jaddi Pushti Jaed by Atta Talokar  at 7/4/2011 8:53:11 AM