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Author:  Ashwini Kumar Wadhwa
E-mail:  ashwinikumarwadhwa@gmail.com
Date:  8/11/2011 1:46:54 AM
Subject:  Pics of Panjghirai District Bhakkar
myself son of sh. thakar dass wadhwa grandson of late sh. kewal ram wadhwa resident of village panjghirai district bhakkar ,can any body post / mail pictures of our motherland village . i will be thankful to him for whole life.
though i am born and brought up in delhi . my heart beats for my mianwali .
please any info or pictures of my village will atlleast give my heart a feel .
with deep regards,
ashwini kumar wadhwa

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 Pics of Panjghirai District Bhakkar by Ashwini Kumar Wadhwa  at 8/11/2011 1:46:54 AM