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Author:  arun batra
E-mail:  akb.chd@gmail.com
Date:  7/3/2012 12:16:32 PM
Subject:  Kallur information please
Message:  Hi I am arun batra , my grandparents were from Kallur village in Mainwali District. My father was only 7 when he migrated to India (Nabha, Punjab) please let me know about village Kallur and our house was near a Masjid and there was a Gurudawra opposite to it. My great grandfather was known as Bhagat ji and name of grand father is Sh. ParmaNand. as my grandparents says, our great grandfather was burried at Village Kallur being a person of called Bhagat Ji.

I shall be very thankful for helping to trace my roots

Thanks and regards


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 Kallur information please by arun batra  at 7/3/2012 12:16:32 PM