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Syed Liaqat Hussain (1964)

Area Magistrate, District Magistrate and then Land Accusation Collector Office for the Jinnah Barrage (Mianwali 1957-1962)

Itrat Hussain (1961)

In Mianwali -Itrat Hussain Son of Syed Liaqat Hussain with Maqbool Ahmad Khan Niazi Former Federal Minister-Pakistan 

Itrat Hussain (1959) Government.College Mianwali  Itrat Hussain (2004) Irfan Hussain (right) Son of Syed Liaqat Hussain Recent photo with a friend 


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January 1962 -- Dr. Ghulam Yasien Khan Niazi Ph.D.: Chairman, Board of Secondary and Intermediate Education Lahore giving a Board of Education FS.C Distinctive Scholar Award & First Prize in debate to Syed Mussarat Hussain at the Convocation of Mianwali College. The gentleman on the left side is Ghazi Sultan, son of Sultan Nasir Ali Khan SE irrigation Mianwali.        

A Family that once Lived in Mianwali Shares the Memories Still Fresh in their Minds -The Friends they Made then, are Still so, Even after 40 Long Years. 

Mr. Irfan Hussain Narrates:

The following is my family's background and how I reached/lived in Mianwali back in the sixties: It's hard to believe that how many memories of my childhood are still with me. My name is Irfan Hussain, and I am an Electrical Nuclear Engineer and have been working for Sargent & Lundy Engineers Chicago since 1981. I am working as a project associate, specializing in nuclear power generation. I have four brothers and three sisters, of which I am the youngest. There is a 17 year difference between the oldest brother and I. The order of ages, from oldest to youngest, is Itrat Hussain, Amena Khatoon, Zarina Khatoon, Mussarat Hussain, Dr. Suhail Raza, Dr. Shahwar Fatima Syed, and myself. In 1957 my father Syed Liaquat Husain transferred to Mianwali He was an officer of Government West Pakistan with district management group. At that time I was 3 years old. He remained in Mianwali until 1962, serving different positions as Area Magistrate, District Magistrate and then Land Accusation Collector Office for the Jinnah Barrage. He was responsible for compensating local landowners and the public for the land that was acquired by the Government of Pakistan to Build the Jinnah Barrage.

 Its very important to mention that pre-partition 1947 my grandfather titled as Khan Bahadur & Khan Sahib Syed Shouket Hussain P.C.S. was also posted District and Session Judge in Mianwali. Having said this, Mianwali and its local people were not an entirely new to my father since he had spent some of his youth years in Mianwali during his summer college vacations pre 1947. My father retired as Commissioner of Lahore in 1969. He passed way in December 1976 at Lahore One evening, my father took our family to show one of the official bungalows located in the Civil Lines. It was adjacent to the Mianwali Canal Bridge. When we reached there he said that his father used to live in this house during his service tenure. In 1961 it was still occupied by the present District and Session Judge. My grandfather, father, brother Dr. Suhail Raza (deceased 1995 in Atlantic City, New Jersey), and myself are Formanites. We all attended FC College, Lahore. My oldest brother, Itrat Hussain, is Aitchisonian. After his senior Cambridge he went to the Government College, Lahore. He also attended the Government College, Mianwali, and was elected as President of college Student Union in 1961. Itrat was the classmate of Shahnawaz Khan Naizi of Isakhel in Aitchisonian College Lahore and Government College, Lahore. Pre-partition Shanawaz Khan, Zulfaqar Khan Khosa of D.G. Khan, and Itrat Hussain lived in the in the Aitchisonian College same hostel. They are still very good friends! Itrat was also close friends with Habib Sombol son of Col. Ret. Ata-ula Sombol and Maqbool Khan Niazi, ex-minister of Pakistan. They often went partridge hunting in Mianwali. Itrat remain business partner with Maqbool Khan and his Brother Mumtaz Khan Niazi with Mianwali Transport Company Limited Mianwali Isakhel Group until 1964. My second brother, Mussarat Hussain, is a senior electrical project engineer with Braidwood Nuclear Power Station, USA. He attended high school and 2-year college in Mianwali. During high school and college, his best friends and classmates were Dr. Afzal Khan Niazi and Dr. Sher Afgan Khan Niazi. Dr. Afzal Khan is the son of Dr. Noor Mohammad Khan Niazi and is working as a professor of opthamology in Islamabad. Dr. Sher Afghan is presently Minister of Parliament in the Pakistan government. A few teachers and professors of Mianwali who taught my brothers and sisters are professor Mr. Alam, English, Principal retired Intasar Mehdi Rizvi. In 1961 the principal was Ali Khan, who was the brother of famous Wali Khan, Ali Khan later became principal of Aitchisonian College, Lahore and retired as Secretary of Education, Northwest Frontier. Some of my father's friends were Dr. Noor Mohammad Khan Niazi, Colonel Ata-Ula Khan Sombol, Malik Muzzafar of Wan Bacharan, Aslam Miana, Gul Hameed Khan Rokri. Gul Hameed Khan Rokri was the youngest attorney in Mianwali those days and often visit my father at our house, Dr. Azeem Khan Niazi, and Colonel Aslam Khan Niazi of Isakhel, Khudadad Khan Niazi of Isakhel. The third generation of Dr. Noor Mohammad Khan is still our family very good friend. Mansoor Khan Niazi Ph.D. and Electrical Engineer the grandson of Dr. Noor Mohammad is here in USA and we meet often. He is the son of Akhtar Khan Niazi, who was a member of the Power Board WAPDA, Pakistan. In Mianwali I went to Junior Model School until third grade at the age of 8 years. One of my teacher's names was Azim Khan Niazi of Ballokhel. Farooq Khan Niazi was my class fellow and friend until FC College, Lahore, he is the son of Haq Nawaz Khan Niazi. In 1962 my father was transferred to DG Khan. I did my eighth grade at DG Khan high school, where my friends and classmates included Jalil Abbas Jilani, Pakistan ministry of foreign affairs spokesman, Tariq Khosa, deputy inspector general (DIG), Punjab, Nasir Khosa, joint secretary, ministry of health, Islamabad, and Asif Saeed Khosa, high court judge, Punjab. I still remember playing cricket in our Civil Line house with these good friends who I am still in contact with. In 1967 we were transferred to Lahore and stayed in Lahore unit I left 1974 for my engineering at American University of Beirut, and then permanently migrated to the United States in 1979.


 Irfan Hussain 

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