Wichhada Watan

( Memories of Mianwali, my parted homeland)


                                    Harish Chand Nakra

  "Born in Mianwali in 1924, Harish Chand Nakra did his early schooling and matricultaion in the town of his  birth.For higher studies he moved to lahore, where he completed  his intermediate level  in Forman Christian College  and Graduation in  commerce from Hailey College for Commerce. Events connected with Partition caused him to leave his newly established business and migrate to India"

"He also attained degrees in law and Business Management. Later he joined State Trading Corporation and thereafter the Punjab National Bank. He ended his banking career as the Executive Director of PNB, when he left to join World Bank as a consultant. He retired in 1986."

The Book

Title:          Wichhada Watan

Author:       Harish Chander Nakra

Language:   English

Printed at : W.Q Judge Press, Bangalore (2002)

Pages:      158

Cover:        Paper Back

Publisher : Not Mentioned

Price :       Not Mentioned





1. Preface

2. Mianwali

Historical Background

Mianwali- The Town

Mianwali- Homes



Administrative Setup

3. People


Character, Mannerisms and Beliefs





4. Life in Mianwali


Eating Habits

Status of Women


Births and Deaths


'Cultural' Activities and



5. Parting

The family house in Nakran di Gali

 Excerpts from the Book

"Wichhada watan tey umran langhian,

bhaven wat assan miley nan

Mianwali, a dikhan jo kedhi galone

hun tak tenoon bhuley nan"


"( Mianwali , my parted homeland!

Parted we were ages ago;

Never, perhaps, to meet again.

Yet, why do I miss thee so? )"


'It would give me immense satisfaction if this book achieves its objective of helping the younger generation to understand their roots, and the older generation to re-live, to some extent, their common past -  a mere memory now."


" Dr. Parkash Chander, Dr. Ram Chand Malik,         Dr. Nur Mohamad , Dr. Atma Singh,Dhari Shah and Abdul Rahim Khan, were well known doctors and Hakims in Mianwali"


" The surrender of Pakistan Army on 17th December 1971 was a matter of pride and cause of great rejoicing for all Indians and I , too naturally enough, felt happy... But in some corner of my heart I felt a little sorry as well. Why should fortune have picked up a son of Mianwali to lead a foredoomed army?"


" Saida Dakoo from Kacha was a Robinhood of his times as he looted the rich and helped the poor. He could not be arrested for as long as the people all over the area helped him to evade the police"


" People were God fearing , believed in simple living and had few wants. Even the poorer sections were a contented lot, neither ambitious nor jealous of others...."Nan dekh prayee chopdi, tey nan lalchaye jee" reflected their appreciation of the virtue of being satisfied with what one had"


"Allah Allah mienh varsa,sadi jholi wich danney pa"


 "..my Nana Ji, ..promissed he would vote for Ghulam Hassan Khan, my father's friend...post of vice president ...he voted for his opponent Mohammad Akbar Mianan...Ghulam Hassan Khan lost by one vote.....my father boycotted Nana Ji and his family,even asking all the family members, including my mother not to visit them or to talk to them....this continued for three years."


" Ghalla Mandi- hik hik,doo doo,tray tray......"


"The parting was terrible, and the struggle to survive as refugees ......We cherish the memory of the early years we spent in Mianwali -- years which shaped our character and moulded all the qualities we are proud of. If we have succeeded, as I believe we have, we owe it to you DEAR MIANWALI!"

--Harish Chander Nakra (Author) 


Harish Chander Nakra (Author) s/o  Shri Chaman Lal Nakra

Author's grandfather Lala Karam Chand  s/o Khan Chand a leading merchant at the Ghalla Mandi

Smt.Bhagwanti Devi Author's mother



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