Abdul Malik Khan Niazi Passes Away

Abdul Malik Khan Niazi son of Hakeem Abdul Rehman Khan passed away on Sunday, 23rd March, 2014 after a brief illness. He was 80. Abdul Malik Khan was an experienced agriculturist and passed most of his farming life on his farms at Karor, Layyah. He was  an avid photographer, videographer and a renowned hunter from Mianwali. Momoirs of Abdul Malik Khan Niazi were released on DVD recently, where he nicely narrated events of  the early 20th century Mianwali as witnessed by him. Mianwali Online is grieved over the loss of a  valuable elder from Mianwali with a peculiar sense of humour.

Mr. K.G Ahuja Passes Away

Mr. K.G Ahuja passed away on 30th of May, 2007 in New Delhi India. He was 84. Born and married in Mianwali Mr. Ahuja was an elder and a Mianwalian who had to leave Mianwali due to partition in 1947.Grandson of Mr. Jawahar Mal he  lived in the then Jawahar Mal Street in front of Mandar (Now boys school). Ahuja Sahib was one of the lucky few who could manage a trip to their first homeland- Mianwali in 2005.Mr. Ahuja visited Mianwali with his wife and  sons Vijay Ahuja and Ajay Ahuja from 29-30 May 2005 and expired on the second anniversary of his visit .

(MOL)carried a detailed account of his visit and also published  the travelogue he wrote for Mianwali Gazette in New Delhi. Mr. K.G Ahuja wrote to Mianwali Online on the first anniversary of his visit to Mianwali remembering the beautiful moments and the grand welcome given by the Mianwalians. He loved Mianwali so much that even though his kidneys had failed and he was on a daily dialysis he still braved the heat of May and made a day's trip to Mianwali and visited his and his wife's ancestral homes. The couple saw the room where they lived after their marriage, the rest of the house was replaced by new rooms now. His love for Mianwali was evident from the emails he wrote to MOL , fortunately MOL was able to get the permission to publish his emails on MOL in his lifetime. Please wait for these to appear on this site . Mianwali Online expresses heart felt condolences to the family of Ahuja Sahib.

 For more on K.G Ahuja Sahib's visit,  click here...

Safdar Khan Niazi (Left), interviewing Akram Khan Punnoo Khel (Right), Ballo Khel, Mianwali (Summer,2005)

Safdar Khan Zaday Khel Passes Away


Safdar Khan Niazi ,60, an avid collector of Mianwali History passed away on 16th of May, 2007.He was the key resource person associated with the Mianwali Documentary Project,a documentary on History of Mianwali . The making of the documentary is still in progress as Safdar Khan leaves the team to meet his creator. Safdar Khan's death is an irreparable loss for the family , friends, the team of Mianwali documentary  project and all those who knew him. May Allah shower all his blessings on him. Ameen.


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11th December, 2004: Wife of Mumtaz Ahmed Khan Niazi of Isa Khel Passes Away in Lahore. She was Daughter of the Late Raees of Isa Khel Col.Muhammad Aslam Khan Niazi

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Col (Retd.) Asadullah Khan Niazi Passes Away. 

17, August, 2004: Col. Niazi belonging to Isa Khel, Mianwali suffered a  heart attack on 16th August , which proved fatal. He was buried in Lahore Today    (17th August, 2004). Col. Asadullah Khan's three sons include, Asmatullah Khan, Mohalib Arsalan Khan and Zain-ul-Abidn Khan.May Allah rest his soul in peace and give courage to his family to bare the irreparable loss. Ameen. 


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Urdu Poet Jagan Nath Azad (Isakhel) Dead 


New Delhi, July 25:Noted Urdu poet and President of Anjuman Urdu Hind Jagannath Azad died of cancer at a hospital here last night.He was 86 and survived by wife and five children.
Mr Azad is the son of great Urdu poet Taluq Chand Mehrum and born at Isakhel of Punjab in Pakistan on December 15, 1918.
After finishing school education at his village, he joined DAV College Rawalpindi for intermediate course.He graduated from Garden College in Rawalpindi in 1937. He did his post-graduation from Punjab University in 1944.

Source: http://www.urdustan.net/ 

A word about Jagan Nath Azad - DAWN

Imran Divorces Jemima


22, June, 2004: Imran Khan , MNA from Isa Khel, formally announced that he has divorced Jemima. The nine year long marriage ended with mutual consent.


What effects will this sad announcement have on Imran Khan's life, his hospital and his political career, all remains to be seen. As the news shocks people in Mianwali and elsewhere in Pakistan, media has got a new topic to ride on. With the hope that the media acts responsibly, as more and more details are pouring in, please stay tuned to the Mianwali Online's News section.



Raees of Isa Khel Colonel Muhammad Aslam Khan Niazi Passes Away     

Lahore, 27 May, 2004:Colonel Muhammad Aslam Khan Niazi, Raees of Isa Khel expired this afternoon  in Lahore after a brief illness, he was 92. He will be burried in his native town, Isa Khel, District Mianwali, tomorrow. Born in 1912 he received his early education from Aitchison College, Lahore. Col.M. Aslam Khan  Niazi was  the oldest living  Aitchisonian after the death of his senior (a Sikh) some time back. Later he  joined  army during World War II. Col. Niazi also remained in  politics for some time. He was an avid hunter and a renowned tent pegger. Having seen 33 years of pre-partition India he was a valuable  living history of  92 long  years . More details awaited ---MOL





Sardar Yar Muhammad Rind
Former Minister for Food Agriculture & Livestock 

Rind Marries Ayla Malik


Mr. Rind a renowned political figure form Balochistan recently married Ayla Malik (MNA). Ms. Ayla is grand daughter of the late Nawab of Kalabagh,Mianwali and  niece of former President of Pakistan, Mr. Farooq Laghari